As of the 2011 political upheaval and the subsequent instability in Egypt the Sinai Peninsula has seen an active insurgency by ISIL- affiliated militants. Over the course of six years the group calling itself “Sinai Province” has carried out deadly attacks in the North Sinai Governorate as well as other parts of the country.

Many of the attacks have targeted soldiers, police forces and tribal groups, with civilians occasionally being caught in the conflict. The group has frequently carried out attacks using explosives as well as through ambushes and arms raids. The attacks have primarily been focused on Egyptian forces and local militia working to combat the insurgency threat. Occasional cross-border rocket attacks have also been directed at neighbouring Israel.

The militant group has been prone to employ booby traps and suicide bombings as effective tactics to cause significant damage to Egyptian armed forces and military vehicles. Reports of military and police convoys struck by lethal roadside bombs have been common. In December 2014 only, the group planted 21 bombs along routes used by the military in North Sinai, killing four and injuring 24 soldiers that same month. In January this year, a truck loaded with explosives targeted a security checkpoint in the north, killing at least 10 people and injuring many others.

“Improvised explosive device (IED), a homemade bomb, constructed from military or nonmilitary components, that is frequently employed by guerrillas, insurgents, and other nonstate actors as a crude but effective weapon against a conventional military force. When used as roadside bombs, IEDs can interdict lines of communication, disrupt traffic, and damage or destroy targeted vehicles.”

(Source: Britannica)

SAFEY has been closely monitoring the region over the course of the conflict in order to continuously assess the threat level and activity of the militant groups. Alerts on North Sinai have been sent out regularly with detailed information on the scale and location of each incident. The service also continues to monitor incidents and threats in Cairo and other parts of Egypt due to a looming risk of militant and terror activity.

Our in-app advice for travel in the Sinai Province:

  • It is advisable to avoid all non-essential travel to North Sinai due to the significant increase in criminal activity and continued attacks on police and security forces.
  • Avoid the area where an attack has taken place. Follow advice and instructions given by local authorities or rescue services.
  • Monitor local media outlets and this security information service regularly.