Student safety for the 21st century.

"Just-in-time" Data to Keep Your Students Safe

The SAFEY app uses world leading GPS location and communication technology to provide valuable real-time location based warnings and information about disasters and other threats to individual students and faculty. The app also includes advanced SOS & emergency signaling capability

Instant Security Overview

Real-time location and communication with all your students globally in seconds


Security Abroad Made Easy

Instantly familiar and easy to use and operate. Optimized on both Apple iOS and Android platforms

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI (artificial intelligence) to enable swifter identification and communication of potential threats based on the real-time geographic location of the user

Increased Traveler Security

Global alerts and warnings, student GPS location, SOS and crisis management tools

Save Time and Resources

Free up time for your staff and faculty by taking away tedious manual travel booking registration and/or reporting procedures

Better Cost Control

Lower your travel and insurance cost with precise travel data statistics


Check-in Feature

Check-in feature allowing users to mark themselves ‘OK’ in instances of nearby alerts, allowing administrators greater control and faster results managing emergencies

Proactive Security Measures

SAFEY’s services enables your program’s administrators & risk management and security officers to keep your students & faculty safe and well informed wherever they are.


Integrated Travel Risk Management Solution

SAFEY’s emergency services integrate two security tools: the SAFEY app and the SAFEY Instant Security Overview (ISO) system. The app ensures personal security for study abroad students on the go. The ISO system gives your security teams a platform to access real-time information and data about individual students.


SAFEY ISO system

The SAFEY Instant Security Overview (ISO) system allows your central and local risk management or security managers to locate and communicate with faculty and students anywhere in the world in real-time via the SAFEY app. Thanks to a patented positioning technology, the ISO directly links to traveling students through your organization’s SAFEY account. You get precise data and statistics about students and faculty. Send SMS or data directly from any location to keep individual students informed and secure in their travels.


SAFEY app for iPhone & Android

The SAFEY app provides real-time warnings, alerts and information as well as one-click connection to local SOS emergency response services. Wherever your student is traveling in the world, the app uses positioning to identify his or her current location and send local area alerts and security information.  Plus, local office or program specific information can be automatically and directly linked to individual study abroad students or specific countries via the ISO location and communication system.

SOS Button updates automatically to the local country emergency system offering a local emergency hotline in addition to the predefined administration’s emergency contact number


Everywhere You Go

With SAFEY’s “just-in-time” data, you and your students will be in the know, and stay safe on their journey.

47 Minutes

Three travelers in the Tokyo metropolitan area using the SAFEY service received the Red Alert of the tsunami warning at 14:49 JST, 47 minutes before it hit the shore, allowing them to start making preparations and closely following developments.

Protect Your Students Now With SAFEY

It works and its proven.