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The SAFEY Emergency System was recently covered by a Green Bay ABC affiliate related to the recent Barcelona attack. Check out the story and see how SAFEY performed.

Be Proactive

  SAFEY is a mobile-based warning, communication, SOS, & location system that allows you to be proactive by protecting and communicating with study abroad students and faculty.  SAFEY helps top study abroad administrators and program providers with innovative and indispensable Risk Management Tools to improve student health & safety in the “real world”.    

47 minutes


Three travelers in the Tokyo metropolitan area using the SAFEY service received the Red Alert of the tsunami warning at 14:49 JST, 47 minutes before it hit the shore, allowing them to start making preparations and closely following developments.




SAFEY CASE STUDY: CORONAVIRUS The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, that emerged from a live animal market in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province in December 20 19, is continuing to spread, and as of 30 January the number of confirmed cases of infection in China...

October 2019 Preview

BREXIT: WILL BRITAIN MAKE IT TO THE 31 OCTOBER DEADLINE?The deadline for the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union is approaching fast, with 31 October set as the current date. However, with the political turmoil around the Brexit process...

August 2019 in Review

The following are some of the major events that have been dominating the global headlines in the month of August: Fires at Amazon forest trigger global calls for greater environmental protection Massive fires erupted in the Amazon forest in Brazil in late...

Indispensable for Study Abroad

Increased Traveler Security

Global alerts and warnings, GPS location, SOS and student crisis management tools

"Just-in-time" Data to Keep Your Students Safe

The SAFEY app uses world leading GPS location and communication technology to provide valuable real-time location based warnings and information about disasters and other threats to individual students and faculty. The app also includes advanced SOS & emergency signaling capability

Save Time and Resources

Free up time for your staff and faculty by taking away tedious manual travel booking registration and/or reporting procedures through the SAFEY app’s location service

Better Cost Control

Lower your travel and insurance cost with precise travel data statistics

Instant Security Overview

Real-time GPS location and communication with all your students globally in seconds


Security Abroad Made Easy

Instantly familiar and easy to use and operate

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI (artificial intelligence) to enable swifter identification and communication of potential threats based on the real-time geographic location of the user


Check-in Feature

Check-in feature allowing users to mark themselves ‘OK’ in instances of nearby alerts, allowing administrators greater control and faster results managing emergencies

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Student Safety Abroad from the 21st century.

“Before we used to have students fill out a form when they traveled abroad on weekends and holidays. We couldn’t keep track of more than 20-30% of all the travel because often students didn’t notify us or changed their travel plans last minute. SAFEY gives us reliable and precise details of each student’s location and allows us to communicate with specific groups of students as needed. Students get the important just-in-time alerts and warnings about their location as well as a location based SOS button. When something does happen, I want a pro-active solution with real-time information and precise location. SAFEY provides that for us.”

Travel and Risk Management Security Manager

“The SAFEY app makes me feel safe. It is like I’ve got a companion with me on the trip that looks after me and that I can turn to. Just to get a welcome SMS with useful info and advice when I arrive in an unfamiliar country makes me, as a woman, feel safer.”

Study Abroad Student

“I can’t keep track of every student at all times and I can’t keep track of everything that goes on in the world. With SAFEY I get a notification SMS when something happens and immediate information on which students and faculty I have on location. All information and positioning is delivered to me automatically.”

Risk Management Health & Safety Officer

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It works and its proven.