SAFEY Emergency System launched an exclusive, real-time, Coronavirus exposure tracker for study abroad that correlates each student and staff members travel patterns with the latest Covid-19 reported cases. The tool tracks daily Corona exposure into 5000 global sub-regions and checks with the user’s historical, current, and future locations using both real-time GPS tracking and travel booking data.


The tool enables security and risk managers to get a daily report on coronavirus risk exposure of each user based on their individual travel pattern. This tool is vital in mitigating and managing the coronavirus spread if COVID-19 becomes pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the virus, many study abroad organizations and schools have struggled to identify which students and staff have been at risk of exposure to the contagion when traveling in the vulnerable areas, an often difficult and time-consuming job.

With this powerful new tool launched today, any program that runs the SAFEY security platform can quickly gain control over the situation and directly contact affected people, make an assessment of the necessary actions or cancel future trips. “We acted fast to enhance our service to include this unique feature for the study abroad market”, says Brandon Ferrante CEO at SAFEY. “It is difficult enough for security and administrators to navigating their people through an emerging pandemic. This new tool gives them better information to make decisions and keep their people safer.”

Thousands of people all over the world today use SAFEY’s unique platform to increase their safety, wherever their travel takes them. The platform allows for the quick location of users and the ability to communicate with them in case they need help. SAFEY also sends alerts and updated information about among other coronavirus directly to users who are at risk.

For more information about the SAFEY Emergency System visit safeyglobal.com or send and an email to [email protected]

About SAFEY Emergency System
SAFEY Emergency System is a pioneer in real-time security solutions employing uniquely tailored SaaS risk management technology for the study abroad market.

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