“Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge.

Processed knowledge is Wisdom.”  – Ankala V. Subbarao



Our analysts in different locations all over the world, constantly follow developments and retrieve information from credible sources before it is compiled and sent directly to those affected. If something unforeseen happens, you get important information delivered quickly. Free from speculation and sensational rumors.

With the help of both experience and qualified knowledge together with world-leading AI technology, we provide advanced analysis and advice.

We also provide updated trip information for more than 200 different national areas as well as important health advice, insights on cultural differences, and risk and safety assessment of the travel destination.


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Coronavirus Tracker Launched Today

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE LAUNCHED TODAY TO PROTECT SAFEY USERS FROM CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC SAFEY Emergency System launched an exclusive, real-time, Coronavirus exposure tracker for study abroad that correlates each student and staff members travel patterns with the latest...

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